What’s Smoking Hot and Kinda Sexy?

Why it’s the new CoffeeBOS brew board branding iron, of course.

Thanks to the lovely and talented Molly O (mi esposa), CoffeeBOS has some sweet “brand assets.” For example, there’s the vertically stacked 2-word logo on the top left of the page. There’s a horizontal 2-word layout for banners. But most importantly, there’s the 3-letter logo for the most literal brand of all—the CoffeeBOS brew board branding iron.

While my technique needs improvement—see how I took a little vacation at the right side of the brand in the lead photo—I’m stoked with the branding iron. After doing some research, I found a small shop in Michigan, Custom Branding Irons, that specializes in fabricating affordable branding irons for woodworkers. They offer flame or electric brands, and turn orders around quickly. Check them out if you need a burning brand of your own.

BTW: If you want to bring home the first-ever CoffeeBOS-branded brew board, you can find it here for a limited time only.

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