[SOLD] Vintage gold-plated Cona new table model

New old stock? Display model? The last of its kind?

The date stamp on the base of the brewer indicates that this gold-plated Cona new table model size C vacuum coffee maker was manufactured circa 1985. However, it appears that it has never been used. The spirit lamp is still wrapped up in packing paper and does not smell of alcohol. Further, the brewer is still in the original packaging with the manufacturer’s instructions. The glass was made in West Germany and is absolutely stunning.


If you are a serious coffee collector, you may never see a Cona brewer like this one again. And if you are a serious home brewer, here’s your chance to elevate your tabletop coffee brewing to the highest levels of elegance.

Best of all, you don’t have to settle for the binary temperature control offered by the spirit lamp. With a siphon brew board from CoffeeBOS—like the longleaf pine bistro-style board pictured below—you can brew in style while maintaining stable and optimal slurry temperatures.


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