Sneak Peak: Hario TCA Siphon Brew Board

No, it’s not an albino or ghost brew board—but it’s just about as rare: a brew board for Hario TCA models in the raw.

As promised, CoffeeBOS is making progress on a new siphon brew board for Hario TCA models. While the Hario brew board will not be widely available until the fall, a few lucky people will get to test drive some prototypes.

The photo above shows the basic concept behind the new design. A “footprint” for the brewer and burner is routed into the surface of the brew board. As shown here, the 6″ chromed standpipe is dry fit in an unfinished spalted pecan brew board. In the finished product, the standpipe will be epoxied in place, and feature a removable (for cleaning) polycarbonate drip catcher.

  1. […] You can see this brew board in the raw here. […]

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