Get on board with the Cona Model A/B

If you are lucky enough to own a vintage Cona Model A or B tabletop vacuum coffee maker, these photos illustrate how the Model A/B base fits on a CoffeeBOS brew board.

The Cona brew board listings on the CoffeeBOS shop on Etsy use a Model C brewer as a frame of reference. That’s because the Model C/D brewers, which are still in production today, share a common base. While vintage Model A or B brewers have a smaller base, all four models share the same spirit lamp. So the diameter of the hole in the base is consistent across Cona Models A through D.

As shown in this photo, Model A and B table top models are compatible with CoffeeBOS brew boards for Cona vacuum coffee makers. Since Model A and B brewers have a smaller footprint, that leaves more of the brew board exposed for you to appreciate!

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