Cona brew board compatibility

Q: Which vacuum coffee maker models are compatible with the Cona siphon brew board?

A: All of the Cona tabletop models—Models A, B, C and D—are compatible with the siphon brew board for Cona vacuum coffee makers. Of these models, the C and D are still in production, whereas the A and B models are only available used.

While a Model C brewer is shown in the photo above, the Model D brewer uses the same base and handle. Also, the height of the bottom of the globes is identical. So the only difference is the diameter of the globe and funnel—and the brew board design takes these differences into account.

Additionally, the Cona brew board will also fit the smaller Model A and B brewers. While these brewers have a more compact frame geometry, they are still a good fit with the brew board.

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