Coming this fall: Hario TCA model siphon brew board

Construction is complete on the first ever CoffeeBOS brew board for Hario TCA model siphons.

This summer, a Home-Barista member and I will be performing extended usability tests on a pair of CoffeeBOS Hario TCA model siphon brew boards. I just took the first completed prototype for a successful test drive. Later today, I will finish assembling a custom prototype with a polished brass standpipe to match a limited edition gold Hario TCA 2. Production models may be available as early as October. (We’re spending the summer far from the Texas heat, so all CoffeeBOS production is on hold until fall.) The Hario TCA brew board will accommodate 2-, 3- and 5-cup models; the 5-cup siphon is pictured in the lead photo. If you would like to receive a notification when the Hario brew boards go live on the CoffeeBOS store on Etsy, just send me an email:

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