Etsy isn’t just home to the CoffeeBOS store and siphon brew boards. You can find excellent handmade products for every purpose, plus cool vintage items. There is even a healthy ecosystem of artisans with custom items for coffee brewing.

In the spirit of “follow Friday”—it’s not just for Twitter anymore—here are a few of my favorite coffee-related shops on Etsy:

  • TheCoffeeRegistry offers custom espresso tampers and brewing stands. The shop owner, David Sutton, also operates a roastery with a bike delivery service in Fort Collins, CO. Who wouldn’t want to brew up a V60 with this walnut and brass pour-over stand?
  • CoffeeSockCo is based in Austin, TX—which is also home to the CoffeeBOS—and offers handmade organic cotton coffee filters for multiple brewers, including the Hario V60-02. Want a bigger-bodied brew with more coffee oils than a paper-filtered coffee? If so, cloth filters could be just the thing for you.
  • GenuineWoodworking specializes in turning old skateboards into household objects, like speakers, lamps and bottle openers. As a brew-boarding coffee nerd, the CoffeeBOS especially loves this pour over coffee stand built out of repurposed skateboards. If you have a skateboarding coffee fanatic in your life, there may be no better way to say: “I love the morning coffee you bring me.”

Note that the usual caveats apply: I am not affiliated with these vendors, and I have not used these products. I just love what they are doing. After all, why brew bored?