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Boiler pressure gauge with cooling tower

NOSHOK is one of many vendors that provide liquid or air filled pressure gauges suitable for tuning up your Olympia espresso machine’s pressurestat setting. (Their products are available through McMaster-Carr.) As explained in an application note on the NOSHOK website, process temperature can negatively impact pressure measurement accuracy [emphasis added]: Temperature Influence: For every 18 °F (10 °C) shift

In praise of the “big group” Penney portafilter

At some point in the 1980s or ’90s, Olympia began manufacturing a 54mm group for its heat exchanger espresso machines, which otherwise have a 49mm group like the Cremina manual lever machines. One nice thing about this larger group is that it will have better temperature stability as compared to the smaller group. For example, Richard Penney’s 54mm NEWD

R. Penney boiler-neck pressure gauge adapter

In the summer of 2008, Richard Penney designed a prototype boiler-neck pressure gauge adapter for Olympia Express espresso machines in response to requests from fellow home barista. This adapter mounts on the boiler neck in place of the OEM boiler cap, and is threaded to accept pressure gauge with a 1/4 NPT (National Pipe Thread) mount. In

Cona brew board compatibility

A: All of the Cona tabletop models—Models A, B, C and D—are compatible with the siphon brew board for Cona vacuum coffee makers. Of these models, the C and D are still in production, whereas the A and B models are only available used. While a Model C brewer is shown in the photo above, the Model

Q: Which is the best butane burner for me?

The cup or recess in your CoffeeBOS siphon brew board is designed to accept an adjustable butane burner. These burners can be turned on “high” for bulk heating. They can be turned on “low” when the brew water has risen up into the funnel. With a little practice, you will be able to intentionally, accurately and repeatedly

Hario siphon brew board in situ

While most siphons have a chromed base, Hario makes a couple limited edition versions with a gold or copper finish. This TCA-2 has the gold finish as well as a wooden handle. The brew board was customized with a polished brass stand pipe to better match the brewer. The customer’s initial feedback on the Hario

Custom Hario TCA siphon brew board

This Hario brew board prototype was customized for use with a limited-edition Hario TCA-2. The polished brass stand pipe will match the gold-plated finish on the brewer. Pictures don’t do it justice. Both side edges of the brew board are natural live edges. The board has a very sexy splayed profile, kind of a subtle hourglass shape. It

[SOLD] Vintage gold-plated Cona new table model

The date stamp on the base of the brewer indicates that this gold-plated Cona new table model size C vacuum coffee maker was manufactured circa 1985. However, it appears that it has never been used. The spirit lamp is still wrapped up in packing paper and does not smell of alcohol. Further, the brewer is still

Coming this fall: Hario TCA model siphon brew board

This summer, a Home-Barista member and I will be performing extended usability tests on a pair of CoffeeBOS Hario TCA model siphon brew boards. I just took the first completed prototype for a successful test drive. Later today, I will finish assembling a custom prototype with a polished brass standpipe to match a limited edition gold Hario

New BOS (balance of system) component: Richard Penney 49mm NEWD portafilter

I purchased my first Richard Penney bottomless portafilter from Orphan Espresso in February 2012, shortly after rebuilding a vintage 54mm group Pasquini Livietta, a heat exchanger espresso machine built in Switzerland by Olympia Express. Not only did it look great, but it also allowed me to diagnose extraction problems and accelerate my progress along the home espresso learning curve.