Traveling to Austin—or live here—and trying to make sense of the local Third Wave coffee scene? Here are some crib notes to help you get oriented.

Austin’s specialty coffee coffee scene has moved beyond up-and-coming status and is deserving of attention as a worthy destination in its own right. There is way too much to see or taste in one trip. Here are some generalizations to help you prioritize where you would like to visit:

If this list seems biased towards East Austin, that’s not your imagination. We have lived and worked since 2005, so the locational bias is real and, arguably, unavoidable. Ping me if I am missing a juicy specialty coffee destination in Austin and I’ll add it to the list.

Also, if you are traveling to Austin and looking to stay someplace walking or biking distance from downtown and a bunch of East Austin’s finest cafes, check out our alley flat on Airbnb: East Austin Nest. Outside of summer, when no one in their right mind visits Austin voluntarily, our occupancy rates at are high. But you might find an opening that fits your schedule. It’s not the cheapest place to stay, but it is hard to beat the value. Great location. Handsome apartment. Excellent coffee set up. Gorgeous screened porch for enjoying your morning cuppa.